Eng. Walid shabaan


Lebanese Founder and Managing partner Engineer Walid Shaaban; a sound and distinguished civil engineer with over 22 years of experience in Kuwait market.
His unlimited passion in work along with his proven abilities in managing and completing every assigned project with diligence and accuracy are behind his success in the construction industry.

Eng.Ehab Dawood

Project Manager

Over 21 years of experience. Certified project management professional and project planning, implementation and execution. Proven ability to support multiple projects with medium to high complexity. Consistent track record of on-time and on-quality delivery. Efficiently synthesize project information and accurately establish project scope. Set project costs and productivity benchmarks. Proven quality assurance, risk management and change management expertise.

Eng. Wesam Al Bashiti

Operation Manager

Over 17 years experience in planning and directing activities concerned with development, application, and maintenance of quality standards for industrial processes, materials, and products: Develops and initiates standards and methods for inspection, testing, and evaluation, utilizing knowledge in engineering fields such as chemical, electrical, or mechanical. Establishes program to evaluate precision and accuracy of production equipment and testing, measurement, and analytical equipment and facilities. .

Eng. Magdy Ghaly

Project Manager

Over 13 years of overall experience performing technical, organizational and supervisory role involved in construction operations and acting as the main technical adviser on a construction site for subcontractors, crafts people and operatives Liaising with and working alongside architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors, planners, surveyors and subcontractors and share responsibility for site security, health and safety, and the organization and supervision of material and human resources.

Eng.Ahmad Damiri

Project Engineer

Over 12 years experience in management, engineering and construction of large scale projects in infrastructure, housing and urban buildings. Desires a Project Manager that utilizes my technical background and expertise in Architecture, Planning and Engineering. Would like to work for an established international engineering firm that specializes in urban building constructions.

Eng. Mahmoud Burhan Abu-Qurs

Project Engineer

Over 10 years experience by exploring the dynamics of a challenging career in a fast track organization by reshaping my Engineering knowledge and integrated skills. My corporate mission is to meet the needs of employer through technical excellence and innovative solutions.

Eng. Kenawy Ahmed

Project Engineer

Over 9 years of experience in civil engineering duties: Q.C, Construction, Site & Project Management. Highly skilled and resourceful Civil Site Engineer with excellent record of cost-effective project completion. Able to function effectively as an independent worker or as part of a team.

Eng. Maher Ibrahim

Site Engineer

Over 8 year of performing technical, organizational and supervisory role on construction projects; setting out, checking and preparing site reports, designs and drawings involved in construction operations. Liaising with and working alongside architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors, planners, surveyors and subcontractors and share responsibility for site security, health and safety, and the organization and supervision of material and human resources. of a team.

Eng. Ratna Kishore

Site Engineer

Over 7 years experience in Construction Management, Execution and Supervision including take-offs, estimating, budgeting, contracting, purchasing and invoicing. Experience in full on-site construction management and land development; effectively scheduling, monitoring and inspecting all work from start to customer orientation. Working effectively with architects, engineers, developers, designers, contractors, consultants, inspectors, city officials, decorators and agents.

Eng.Imad Sabbagh

Site Engineer

Over 5 years experience in learning and achieving supervision in all phases of construction operations. Seeking to develop my technical skills, work experience and creative towards making significant contribution to the growth and development of the company.

Eng. Ahmed Abu Hishmeh

Site Engineer

Over 3 years experience, site Engineer capable of performing technical, organizational and supervisory role in construction projects. My work includes checking and preparing site reports, designs and drawings involved in construction operations. Liaising with and working alongside architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors, planners, surveyors and subcontractors.

Mohammad Abdel Baky

Finance Manager

Over 21 years experience, a detail oriented with excellent knowledge of accounts possesses rich experience in financial planning, analysis and accounting principles. Admirable capacity of improving and maximize overall business and finance function integration through effective communication processes. Experienced in keeping the records of daily financial transactions and analyzing the financial aspects of organization. Innovator with creative skills and experiences to improve overall business processes.

Zainab Naeem

Office Manager

Over 16 years experience, dedicated and technically skilled with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an office manager, secretary, administrative assistant. Excel in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Eng.Huzefa Noorbhaiwala

Tendering Engineer

Over 11 years of experience in n construction engineering, pricing & quantity Surveying. An ambitious and dedicated Civil Engineer with strong practical and technical skills.

Eng.Reem Afchal

Quantity Surveyor

Over 5 years of professional work experience with academic background from a reputable university in Lebanon. Enthusiastic to learn new programs and techniques and to gain valuable
experience using my knowledge, and competences, and never stop progressing my skills. I promote “knowing how to think” as a basic requirement of “knowing how to do”.

Emad Sayed


Over 22 years of experience in handling the complete accounting cycle, including opening, posting entries and closing of accounts and preparation of various accounting reports. Expertise include handling tasks related to cash disbursement and cash reconciliation. Possess excellent organizational skills with demonstrated ability to effectively prioritize to meet strict deadlines & has proven ability to quickly learn and use new technologies and tools.

Eng. Ahmed Fadle

Procurement and Control Engineer

Over 8 years of professional civil engineering experience in project management; site coordination, planning, budgeting, controlling, procurement, contracting and business development. Career record of working on various mega projects in different countries. Highly motivated and dedicated to gain new knowledge and experiences in order to contribute in company development and growth..

Eng. Aladdin jameal Khanfar

Civil Engineer

Certfied PMP Civil engineer with 7 years of experience in civil and architectural work in various projects from renovation to construction ,
dedicated to quality time and cost aspects.

Toufik A. Sayegh


Over 1 year coordinator and shop drawing N. A strong believer in the ability of the architecture and research combined with design thinking for strengthening our societies and having a positive effect on the world. Only together can we build a better future.

Eng. Ahmad Abdulla Abbas


MSc in Sustainable Mega Buildings, LEED Green Associate with over 6 years of experience in large scale building design. Skilled project Coordinator with good knowledge of building engineering and performance, Possess advanced technical and computer skills,  excellent attention to details and innovative problem solving to ensure that every project design is well Coordinated and accurately executed to the highest possible standards.

Eng. Abdulrahman Ahmad Ali


More than 5 years experience Site Engineer

Eng. Ahmed mohamed abd elkafy

Architecture Engineer

Architecture engineer , 3d visualization maker and site engineer
I have 6 years experience.


Eng. Ola Rayan Arnaoot

Civil Engineer

having over 4years of experience as a civil engineer, working in the proquerement and pricing department.


Eng. Ahmed El-Sayed Ghanem

Project Engineer

Over 10 years of experience in a career that is challenging and interesting, and lets me work on the leading areas of technology, a job that gives me opportunities to learn, innovate and enhance my skills and strengths in conjunction with company goals and objectives.